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Bachelors - $1,600

Options      Tuition Discount      Down Payment      Monthly Payment

                                                                                                                 12               18               24

         1                                0%                                     $250            $113          $75            $57

        2                                5%                                     $500            $85          $57            $43

        3                              10%                                    $1,440           $0            $0              $0


Masters- $1,920

Options      Tuition Discount      Down Payment      Monthly Payment

                                                                                                                 12               18               24

         1                                0%                                     $250            $140       $93            $70

        2                                5%                                     $500           $111           $74             $56

        3                              10%                                    $1,728            $0            $0              $0


Doctorate- $2,240

Options      Tuition Discount      Down Payment      Monthly Payment

                                                                                                                 12               18               24

         1                                0%                                     $250            $166          $111           $83

        2                                5%                                     $500            $136          $91           $68

        3                              10%                                    $2,016           $0              $0            $0




Please contact the college office regarding discounts offered for the following:

​​- Pastors, assistant pastors, and missionaries in full time Christian service.

- Active-duty military personnel.

- Spouses of current BCA students, or spouses enrolling at the same time.

-Groups of three or more from the same church.


There are five distinct fields of study that can be pursued at Baptist College of America:

- Church Ministry

- Religious Education

- Biblical Studies

- Secretarial Program

-Leadership Program


One-year diplomas are offered on the undergraduate level (first year: general diploma, second year: associate diploma, third year: graduate diploma).  The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) is a four-year program that leads to a Master's degree or even a Doctorate.


I. First field of study: Church Ministries (Men Only)


This course of study prepares one for a specific area of ministry in the local church, whether as pastor, missionary, evangelist, assistant pastor, or music, bus, or youth director.  In addition to the core curriculum, the student would need to choose electives from his major.  Ladies wanting to major in missions are encouraged to earn a degree in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Marriage and Motherhood.


II.  Second field of study: Religious Education


This line of study prepares one as a Christian schoolteacher (elementary and secondary), an administrator or principle, a wife of a full-time Christian worker, or a wife and mother.


III.  Third field of study: Biblical Studies


A generalized course of study on the undergraduate level is available, and is designed for the student who is either undecided on a particular area of ministry or wants a concentration of study in the Bible.  Additionally, one may continue in his field of study to a more specific study of theology, yielding either a Master of Biblical Studies (M.B.S.), Master of Christian Counseling (C.C.M.), Master of Theology (Th.M.), or a Doctor of Philosphy in Religion (Ph.D).  The M.B.S, C.C.M., and Th.M. are one-year programs (32 credits) while the Ph.D. is a two-year (64 credits) program of study.


IV.  Fourth field of study: Secretarial Program (Ladies Only)


This program is designed to train secretaries for full-time Christian work.  Upon completion of this program, an associate diploma will be awarded.


V.  Fifth field of study: Leadership Program


This course of study has been formulated to bring those who complete it to a higher awareness of the needs, fundamentals, understanding and application of leadership in all its aspects.  This course is recommended to all pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and those in any form of leadership.  This will count as 32 credits for a bachelor's degrees, 24 credits for a master's degrees, or 16 credits for a doctorate.







Application Fee: A fee of $35 must accompany each application for admission.  No refund will be granted for any reason.

Registration Fee: There is a charge of $50 each time a student registers for classes (every 32 credits).

Tuition Fee: The tuition is $50 per credit-hour for undergraduate courses, $60 per credit-hour for master's level courses, and $70 per credit-hour for doctoral level courses.   The tuition for a year is as follows:

- Undergraduate - $1,600 (per 32 credit-hours)

- Master's Degree - $1,920 (per 32 credit-hours)

- Doctorate - $2,240 (per 32 credit-hours)

Tuition Fee - Individual Courses: Individual courses are available at a rate of $125 per credit-hour for undergraduates, $150 per credit-hour for master level students, and $175 per credit-hour for doctoral students.  There is a $5 registration fee for each course.  All tuition prices are subject to change.  For current tuition prices, please contact the college office.

Graduation Fee: $50.  Cap and gown are puchased separately.

Life Experience Evaluation Fee:  The $20 for evaluation must be paid when applying.

Returned Check Fee: If a studen writes a bad check to any aspect of the college (such as the business office), he will be charged a fee of $35 for every returned check.  This applies to all checks deposited to the college bank acocunts.

Student Late Fee:  If a student selects a payment plan that requires monthly payments, his payment is due on the first and overdue on the tenth of the month.  A fee of $10 per month will be charged for each month that a student's bill is past due.

Handling of Accounts:  The college and seminary require all fees and tuition to be paid at enrollment.  However, if installments are desires, a plan is available.  If a student selects one of the payment plans, the student will be liable for the full amount.

Refunds:  The application/evaluation fee, as well as the registration fee, are nonrefundable.  Tuition refunds will be given only if the student withdraws within 15 days after receiving the study material.  In case of involuntary call to military duty, the college and seminary will refund 70% of the remaining unused tuition.  Remember, the signing of the application is considered the signing of a contract with Baptist College of America and the student is liable for the entire amount of the program in which he or she enrolls.  

*Note - Baptist College of America will accept Visa and MasterCard for all fees and tuition payments.


Notes for Foreign Students

Currency Exchange: Payment of all fees and charges must be made in U.S. dollars.  Checks must be payable through a U.S. bank in U.S. funds.  Money orders must be made out in U.S. dollars.  For your convenience, we do accept Visa or MasterCard, of which charges will be made in U.S, dollars.

Shipping and Handling Fees:  Charges for shipping books and materials to a foreign address will be billed at an estimated U.S. rate.  After the material has been sent, the student's account will be credited for any amount paid over the actual cost of shipping.  



How much time do I have to complete a course?

A student may work at his own pace when completing course work.  As long as at least one course is returned within a six month period, the student's file will remain active.


Do I have to come BCA for anything?

Since BCA is a correspondence college, all course work is completed at home and submitted via mail or email to be graded.  BCA does hold a commencement service each spring for thr graduates, but attendance is not mandatory.


Does BCA offer credit for life experience?

Yes, BCA will evaluate credit for life experience based upon a student's duties while in full-time Christian service as a paid staff member.


How do I submit my courses?

Course work may be submitted by mailing the courses to the college, or by attaching the course to an email.


Am I required to purchase my books through BCA?

No.  While BCA does offer all the books used for the courses, each student may purchase his own copy of the book form another source if they so desire.


Do I have to take any tests?

No.  Most of the courses utilize a question bank.  When you order a course, you will receive a requirement sheet and a set of questions for that course.  You will be graded on your answers to the questions.


Since I have signed up for one year, do I have to be finished on year from today?

No.  If you are on a 12 month payment plan, your payments will be completed in one year, but you can finish your work at your own pace.


When can I start?

You may register and begin classes at any time.


How do I get started?

You can fill out the online application under the "apply" tab of this website, or download the full application under the same tab.





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