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"Baptist College of America feeds my desire to grow in the Lord.  Each lesson I recieve inpires me to learn more; they are very informative."   -William E. Lamb, Crestline, OH

"Being in the military, it is very difficult to find good, fundamental Baptist college courses.  Baptist College of America gives me the opportunity to recieve my degree while still serving my country and preparing for the years after I retire from the army."

                                                                             -John E. Miller, Jr., Columbus, GA

"Baptist College of America really works for me being a busy pastor in the Phoenix area.  I've found the Doctorate of Ministry program to be affordable, challenging, and uncompromising.  The college has been a blessing to me spiritually and academically; I highly recommend it!"   - Pastor Fidel M. Hughes, Mesa, AZ

"Without a doubt, BCA is a first-class organization.  The courses and cirriculem were phenomenal!  As a correspondence student, every time I recieved a course, I marveled at the work that went into creating each one.  Thank you BCA!"

                                                                                                                                     - Robert J. Stoodley, Ledyard, CT

"I must say Dr. Holloway was extremely flexible each time I personally talked with him in tailoring for me this particular degree.  He rearranged things for me to meet my specific needs.  I have only good things to say about your school and have confidently told others about your school."    - Dr. Mark S. Smith, LaPorte, IN

"The curriculem associated with the Master of Theology program served to reinforce all that I thought I knew, clarify some issues that remained yet unclear to me, and instruct me on matters that I had yet to consider.  What a blessing it was to read the works of these great men of God that had been selected as texts for the course."

                                                                                                                                  - James E. Wilson, Dowagiac, MI

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