Broken Chains Ministry

For a convict, Broken Chains is a second chance to do something for God! Through a wide variety of prison ministries, many inmates are able to get saved and begin a wonderful journey of discovering God's will for their lives. But due to their incarceration, they are severely limited in being able to see beyond their bars."Broken Chains" is a local church ministry that is able to screen inmates and help local churches prepare these people for eventually serving the Lord as He sees fit. Some will be able to complete a four year Bible college program through"Broken Chains" and be prepared for serving the Lord in some capacity upon their release. Some may one day be found on a mission field, others in the pastorate and a large number serving the Lord in their own local church.

For a local church, "Broken Chains" is a missionary opportunity to sponsor an inmate, thus allowing him to pursue Biblical studies and to make a difference in a life that is scarred, but still usable to God!

For an inmate's family, "Broken Chains" represents hope for a loved one. A second chance is simply that, an opportunity to do right, be right and live right if given another chance to do so. Imagine what it could mean to the children if Daddy were to be released from prison, but instead of beating his children or being involved in illegal dealings, Daddy shows them how to have family altar and takes them to church where they can see him teaching a Sunday school class and living for God!


Please contact Baptist College of America if you are interested in helping an inmate turn their life around.

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