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Dr. Mike Holloway

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Pastor's Desk

Dr. Jim Willoughby

Dr. Mike Holloway ~ September 22, 2019

As we celebrate our annual Old-fashioned Sunday, there might be some who are wondering, “What was so good about those long ago times?  How could people live without cell phones and computers?  Who would want to walk or ride in a wagon instead of riding in a car?  How did people live without air conditioning and fast food   restaurants?”  The truth is that the good old days were not all that good!  In 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts, some teenage girls made false accusations against individuals that they did not like in their community.  The girls accused these individuals of bewitching them.  Instead of accusing them of an actual crime, the girls accused them of troubling them in their dreams, tormenting them as they slept.  The accusations grew in number until there were twenty-one individuals who were facing a hangman's noose while another 150 were in jail waiting for trial.  On this day in 1692, the last eight people were hanged as witches.  The witch hunt had ended and the insanity of the hour disappeared into the history books.  The tragic story highlights the fact that there were many things in the past which were dreadful and hopefully will never return.  However, as unpleasant as some of these things were, there are many things that should be retained even though viewed as being old fashioned.  Would it not be great if we could return to a time when people kept their word?  Would it not be wonderful if we could live in a time when people left their houses unlocked at night because neighborhoods were safe?  What is the primary difference between now and then?  Convictions.  People back then believed what the Bible said about sin, Heaven, and Hell, and instead of making excuses for themselves, they were more prone to go to church and feel sorry for their sins.  Being old fashioned is not about doing away with modern conveniences as much as getting rid of excuses and wanting to make things right with God.  “Take Time to Be Holy” is not just an old song that we sing.  It is also a good step in the right direction.

This Day In History

Baptists You Should Know

Dr. Jim Willoughby ~ Septemeber 22, 2019

Richst Heynes lived in Friesland about the year 1547.  She and her husband were Baptists and had a very strong testimony amongst all who knew them.  Knowing that his capture was imminent, her husband and several men who were hunted because of their faith, barely escaped with their lives.  Determined to find the underground Baptist church, the authorities chose instead to capture Richst.  In spite of the screams and cries of her children, they dragged her from her home and imprisoned her.  She was only a few weeks away from giving birth, and yet they tortured her anyway.  After giving birth in her jail cell, her child showed signs of the abuse that she had received.  Because of her refusal to give away her fellow church members, she was placed on the rack and stretched until she lost the natural use of her arms.  Her only words were that of thanking God for “guarding her lips” and for the grace to not renounce her faith or give up her family in Christ.  She was ultimately placed in a sack and thrown in the water until she drowned, at which point, her suffering ended and she was able to enjoy her crown with her beloved Saviour.


An old man in Holland


Around the year 1551, an old man in Holland whose name has been lost to history, received Christ and was baptized.  He was described as being seventy-five years old, thin with age, and his hair white.  He was also described as a man of good manners, which sprung from a heart fearing God.  Because of his acceptance of Scriptural baptism, he was brought before a tribunal and questioned.  His answers, though, were both courageous and irreproachable.  As he answered with such grace and boldness, the witnesses began to be persuaded to his beliefs.  Fearing this, his inquisitors quickly ended the session and hurried him away.  Fearing further damage to their cause, he was swiftly carried to His Saviour by being beheaded.