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No couple gets married with the intent of getting a divorce because they know it won't work! No couple stands at a marriage altar thinking that a divorce is inevitable. So, what is the primary cause of our sixty percent divorce rate? The answer lies in a joke about a married couple.

One day, a man finds himself standing at the pearly gates in Heaven, where he is greeted by none other than St. Peter himself. The man is thrilled that he made it to Heaven and so he starts to walk through the gates when he is stopped by Peter. "Wait a minute! You can't just walk into Heaven like that!" "Why not?" the man asks. Peter then told him that in order to get in, he first had to spell a word. "What's the word?" the man asked. "Love" Peter replied. "You have to be able to spell the word, love." "That's easy," the man said. "L-O-V-E." "That's exactly right. Come on in." Peter said. After a few minutes, Peter told the man that he needed to run an errand, and he needed him to watch the pearly gates making sure that no one entered without spelling that word. About fifteen minutes later, the man sees a lone figure walking toward the gates, and then he recognized the figure. It was his wife! "Honey, what are you doing here?" His wife then told him that she had gone to his funeral, and on her way home, a drunk driver crossed the line and hit her head on. "And here I am," his wife said. As she started to walk through the gates of Heaven, she was stopped by her husband who told her that there was a rule in order to get into Heaven. The rule was that before being allowed to enter, everyone first had to spell a word. "What's the word?" she asked. After a brief pause, the husband smiled sheepishly and said, "You have to spell Czechoslovakia!"

One of the biggest problems in most marriages is the simple fact that couple just quit caring. Problems came about, arguments went unresolved, and the realities of life simply wore couples down to the place where they quit caring, and they quit trying to have a great marriage. So, what's the solution? There are three statements that every couple needs to master and repeat often. The first is I love you. The second is I'm sorry. The third is Can I help?

Marriage is difficult enough as it is, but the key is that we need to work at having a great marriage. When God created Adam, the first thing that He did was to put him to work in the garden. When God later brought the woman to the man, He expected Adam to work just as hard in his marriage as he was working in the garden. Because when working on the marriage stops, the weeds begin to grow, and they will soon take over and kill the love that brought them to the marriage altar to begin with.

There is one verse in the Bible that puts all this in perspective. (Ecc 7:8a) - "Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof …" Unfortunately, in today's society, so much effort and money are plowed into trying to create the perfect wedding, while it is nothing more than a beginning. Instead, imagine the marriage that could be had if as much work and sacrifice went into having a great marriage.

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