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Modern Day Apostasy by Dr. Mike Holloway

When Peter wrote his two letters to Jewish-Christians in 1 & 2 Peter, he did so with the intent of trying to help them to through the difficult times in which they lived. In his first letter, he wrote of the continued persecutions that they would probably face, a problem found outside the church. In his second letter, however, Peter warned these Christians of a more subtle threat that would be found inside the church. This threat would not be against their lives but rather their beliefs. False teachers were slipping into the churches with the intent of leading God's people astray. While it is easy to read of the dangers in Bible times, it is difficult to relate to them in modern times.

Apostates? Really? We have more churches today than ever before in history and yet, how are we doing? Do we really have false teachers who are intent on stripping Christians of their faith? Benny Hinn once made the comment that the day would come when a dead person would not be removed to the morgue but would instead be placed in front of a television that was broadcasting a program by TBN so that the dead could be raised back to life. Kenneth Copeland has taught that when Christ died on a cross, He was transformed into a demon who then had to go to hell so that He could be born again.

Heresy? Believe it or not, there is still plenty around which explains why so many will fall into apostasy in the final days. Our protection? The only cure given for apostasy is the Truth. We are to take the Bible and read it - believe it - and live it.

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