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The Attitude That Makes for a Wonderful Life by Mike Holloway

At the end of WW II, our nation went through the pains of trying to rebuild the nation while millions of men and women were leaving the military and being forced to pick up where they left off before Pearl Harbor. For many, it was a time of celebration and yet there were so many families that had been devastated by the loss of a husband or a sibling who was killed on a foreign battlefield. It was at that strange time in our nation's life that a Hollywood director, Frank Capra, decided to make a movie that captured the despair of the hour while shining a light on the blessings that are often taken for granted. He hired Jimmy Stewart to play the unhappy George Bailey who felt trapped in tiny Bedford Falls. George had always wanted to travel and see the world, but for some reason - it was not meant to be. He was trapped in a small town when he wanted to see the big city lights! He was trapped in a job that had been his father's Savings and Loan, which was unglamorous compared to the dreams that he had for himself. He was trapped in a boring existence for the simple reason that over the years, he had developed a 'bad attitude' about his life. From his vantage point … he was existing, not living. When George's uncle Billy lost a deposit from the family's Savings and Loan, that was the final straw. Armed with nothing but a bad attitude, he became suicidal until he came to realize just how good his life really was.

In 1946, when our nation was struggling with the matter of trying to rebuild their lives after a devastating war, they came to embrace the movie, "It’s a Wonderful Life" as if it was telling their own stories. Years later, Frank Capra stated that of the many movies that he had made in his career, his all-time favorite was 'It's a Wonderful Life!'

In the book of Ruth, we are introduced to the "George Bailey" of the OT, and her name was Naomi. Just like George Bailey, she was stuck in a miserable life of her own making, all because of a bad attitude that she refused to cut loose. She wasted so many years of her life in misery, and it was only after her return to Bethlehem that she recognized just how good she had it. When Ruth went out to glean in the fields, she came home with an armful of food, mentioning that Boaz had helped her. When Ruth her what had happened, her entire countenance and attitude changed. She was reminded that God had not forgotten her, and it was God's goodness that helped her discard a bad attitude for one that enabled her to see that she too had a wonderful life!

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