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"The Beginning and End of a Rebel" by Dr. Mike Holloway

In the early days of Hollywood, studios were very sensitive of the public perception of their heroes. Mickey Rooney was the highest paid actor during the 1930's and 40's and owed much of his success to the 16 Andy Hardie movies that he made. The reason for their success was due to the wholesome clean-cut image that Mickey projected onscreen. In real life, however, Mickey Rooney was a whoremonger who used his money and fame to provide himself with as many women as he desired. When he was married and 26 years old, he had an affair with Elizabeth Taylor - who was only 14 years old at the time! He is described by those who knew him as "Hollywood's original train wreck." In 1951, however, Hollywood was changed forever. His name was Marlon Brando and his hit movie was "A Streetcar Named Desire." He was the original Hollywood Bad Boy! He was an actor second, and a rebel first. Brando grew up in a home where both parents were alcoholics and when his dad walked out when Marlon was only eleven, he developed an intense hatred of the world. He was kicked out of high school for riding his motorcycle through the hallway of his school and never graduated. He became interested in acting as a career simply because his father had always told him that he was good for nothing, but when he took part in a play, he won immediate praise for his performance.

So how did these two Hollywood rebels turn out? Brando had 13 children with a variety of women. His oldest son shot and killed his sister's boyfriend and was sent to prison. His daughter committed suicide. And Brando? When interviewed for a book, he mentioned that he had enjoyed a number of homosexual encounters of which he was not ashamed. Mickey Rooney spent 80 years in showbiz and when he passed away at the age of 93, he placed in his will that he was disinheriting his 8th and final wife, and all of his children. Though he had made millions during his career, his estate totaled $18,000 and his body was held at a funeral home for a time because Mickey didn’t have enough money to buy a burial plot.


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