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This Bible Study of Acts focuses on the practical aspects found in this transitional book.  These lessons also provide insight as to where the individual Christian fits into God's scheme of things, in particular, His church.  This series contains 14 lessons and sells for $9.95.

Table of Contents

A New Beginning! (Acts 1-2)
Three Things That Never Change! (Acts 3-4)
The Determination of the Devil! (Acts 5)
God Is Bigger Than Any Problem! (Acts 6-7)
Why Satan Hates the Church! (Acts 8-9)
The Revealing of a Secret! (Acts 10-11)
The Making of a Servant! (Acts 12-13)
Why Bad Things Happen! (Acts 14-15)
Little Things That God Uses! (Acts 16-17)
Discoveries That Kept Paul Going! (Acts 18-19)
The Best of Men Are Only Men! (Acts 20-21)
Digging a Deeper Hole! (Acts 22-23)
From Bad to Worse! (Acts 24-26)
The Best Place in the World - God's Will! (Acts 27-28)