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Bible Characters for Children Vol. 2

Sunday school lessons on a child's level.  Bible Characters for Children Volume 2 contains thirteen lessons on well-known Bible characters from Joseph - Samson!  Each lesson contains a point of contact to help children identify with the Bible character as well as a reproducable take-home lesson with an activity page to reenforce the lesson.

Table of Contents

Lesson #14 - Joseph - the Man Who Was Hated and Loved!
Lesson #15 - Joseph's Brothers
Lesson #16 - Pharoah, the Man Who Was Lost!
Lesson #17 - Moses, the Man with a Lot of Problems
Lesson #18 - Aaron, the Helper
Lesson #19 - The Troublemakers
Lesson #20 - Balaam, the Man Who Got What He Asked For
Lesson #21 - Joshua, the Man Who Could Do It All
Lesson #22 - Achan, the Man Who Tried to Hide His Sins
Lesson #23 - Caleb, God's Picture of a Real Man
Lesson #24 - Deborah
Lesson #25 - Gideon, the Man Who Was Ready
Lesson #26 - Samson