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Bible Characters Vol. 2

These Bible studies will provide an appreciation and insight on the lives of the good, bad, and the ugly people described in the Bible. Each lesson emphasizes the specific character trait associated with the particular person as well as applications to today's living. Each volume is arranged chronologically. This volume includes lessons from Moses to David and sells for $15.

Table of Contents

Moses - The Man with a Pastor's Heart
Aaron - The Man Who Was Called to Be a Follower
Aaron - The Follower Who Tried to Be a Leader
The Troublers in the Wilderness
Balaam - The Man Who Got What He Asked For
Joshua - The Man Who Lived in the Shadow of Moses (Part I)
Joshua - The Man Who Lived in the Shadow of Moses (Part II)
Achan - Lessons Taught But Never Learned
Caleb - God's Portrait of Manhood
Deborah & Barak - God's Vessels of Weakness
Gideon - The Man Who Was Already a Hero
Jephthah - God's Overcomer
Samson - The Man Who Wasted His Talents
Naomi - The Woman Who Preferred to Stay Bitter
Ruth - God's Trophy of Grace
Boaz - God's Redeemer
Samuel - God's Man of Success (Part I)
Samuel - God's Man of Success (Part II
Eli - The Failure That Died a Success
Saul - The Man Who Should Have Succeeded
Saul - The Ruin of Greatness
Jonathan - A Good Man Who Died Young
David - Groomed for Greatness
David - The Man Who Was Truly Blessed
David - The Education of an Outlaw