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Bible Characters Vol. 5

These Bible studies will provide an appreciation and insight on the lives of the good, bad, and the ugly people described in the Bible. Each lesson emphasizes the specific character trait associated with the particular person as well as applications to today's living. Each volume is arranged chronologically. This volume includes lessons from Judas to Jesus and sells for $15.

Table of Contents

Judas Iscariot - The Betrayer of God
Pontius Pilate - The Man Who Was Trapped by Circumstances
John - The Quiet Man Who Was Full of Surprises
Stephen - The Portrait of a Church Member
Philip - God's Pattern for Soul Winning
Saul of Tarsus - God's Chosen Vessel
Paul - God's Champion of the Church
Paul - God's Overcomer (Part I)
Paul - God's Overcomer (Part II)
The Corinthians - God's Worldly Children
The Galatians - God's "Wishy-Washy" Churches
The Ephesians - God's Mature Church
The Philippians - God's Yielded Church
The Colossians - The Church with Growing Pains
The Thessalonians - God's "Teachable" Church
Timothy - The Pastor's Helper (Part I)
Timothy - The Pastor's Helper (Part II)
Titus - Paul's Right Hand Man
James - God's No-Nonsense Christian
James - God's No-Nonsense Christian
Jude - The Defender of the Faith
The Characters in the Pew
Christ in the O.T. as "The Angel of the Lord" (Part I)
Christ in the O.T. as "The Angel of the Lord" (Part II)
Jesus in the Gospels