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Building on a Sure Foundation

These lessons provide a wealth of information that can easily serve as material for a Discipleship program.  They blend the simple basics of Christianity with Biblical reasons of why we are to live in a particular way.  This was written from a pastor's viewpoint to explain what every pastor would like for his people to know and do.  This series contains a total of 34 lessons and sells for $20.

Table of Contents

What Is a Baptist?
The Origin of Baptists
The Progression of Baptists
Problems Encountered by Baptists
Hindrances to Answered Prayer (Part I)
Hindrances to Answered Prayer (Part II)
Hindrances to Answered Prayer (Part III)
How Anyone Can Serve the Lord (Part I)
How Anyone Can Serve the Lord (Part II)
Different Kinds of Servants (Part I)
Different Kinds of Servants (Part II)
Different Kinds of Servants (Part III)
Tragic Truths about Hell (Part I)
Tragic Truths about Hell (Part II)
Hindrances to Winning the Lost
How to Become a Soul Winner
How to Salvage a Troubled Home!
How to Avoid the Big Problems in Marriage!
The Do's and Don't's of a Happy Home (Part I)
The Do's and Don't's of a Happy Home (Part II)
What's Wrong with Rock Music?
What's Wrong with Contemporary Christian, Rock, and Rap Music?
The Good and Bad of Music
The Bible, Salvation, and Eternal Security
Dealing with Sin and Finding God's Will
The Holy Spirit and the Local Church
In but Not of the World
The Judgments of a Christian
Evangelism and Discipleship
The Tithe (Part I)
The Tithe (Part II)
The Offering