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Common Sense and the KJV

Dr. Holloway's sermons on the King James Bible are now in convenient printed format.  Learn how we can have confidence in the inspired and preserved Word of God! This is great material for anyone who wants to know that the King James is THE perfect, inspired Word of God in the English language.  These sermons were preached by Dr. Mike Holloway, pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Kokomo, Indiana.

Sermon Titles

God's Identity Problem
The Battles over the KJV
The Source of the Scriptures
Footprints of the Bible
Collateral Damage
The Devil's Chop Shop
God's Allowance for Heresy
Tossed To and Fro
The Men behind the Message
The Devil Is in the Details
The Attacks against the King James Bible
Will the Real Bible Please Stand Up?
Divine Fingerprints
How to Handle Contradictions