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Dr. Holloway's most popular preaching series through the book of Genesis is now in print.  This is one of the richest, best received Bible studies he has ever produced and is now available as a Sunday school curriculum.  This series contains 42 lessons and sells for $25.

Table of Contents

The Wisdom of God in Creation
The God of Creation
Shadows of God's Character
A Love Story
The Importance of a Decision
The Fruit of Sin
The Reason for the Record
Weathering the Storm!
Some Things Never Change!
The Beginning of a New World
A Rough Start for a Promising Life
The Steps of a Good Man
Growing Up as a Christian (Part 1)
Growing Up as a Christian (Part 2)
A Typical Day in the Life of a Christian
The Other Side of the Mountain
The Good and Bad of God's Will
Differences That Matter
How to Pass the Greatest Test of Your Life
God's Top 10 Character Traits (Part 1)
God's Top 10 Character Traits (Part 2)
The Happiest Man in the Bible! (Part 1)
The Happiest Man in the Bible! (Part 2)
Portraits from Flesh and Blood!
The Steps of a Good Man
How to Clean Up a Mess!
God's School of Hard Knocks
It Is Time to Move On!
The Transformation of a Christian!
Reaping the Whirlwind!
What Ever Happened to Esau?
God's Looking Glass (Part 1)
God's Looking Glass (Part 2)
The Portrait of a Rebel
Twins of Adversity (Part 1)
Twins of Adversity (Part 2)
When God Finally Moves
Facing Up to the Past
The Salvation of a Soul!
What the Lord Expects of His People
Living in the Land of Goshen!
The Judgment Seat of Jacob!