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Life of Christ Vol. 2


This helpful series teaches about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ! This volume contains 32 lessons and sells for $15.

Table of Contents
Lesson 33-Battles that can't be avoided
Lesson 34-The Surprise of a lifetime
Lesson 35-How to conquer failure
Lesson 36-Things that cannot be avoided
Lesson 37-The first fault of the church
Lesson 38-God's cure for wounded pride
Lesson 39-God's sin killer
Lesson 40-How to handle rejection
Lesson 41-How to keep from being led astray
Lesson 42-The reality of a new beginning
Lesson 43-Why are we here?
Lesson 44-Seven doors to answered prayer
Lesson 45-The sin of neutrality
Lesson 46-Tring to find a life
Lesson 47-What it takes to be a disciple
Lesson 48-God's Band-aid
Lesson 49-The danger of jumping to conclusions
Lesson 50-Being disappointed with God
Lesson 51-The man who refused to back down
Lesson 52-God's to-do list
Lesson 53-Things allowed by God
Lesson 54-The making of an angry Messiah
Lesson 55-God's hatred of hypocrisy
Lesson 56-Our greatest fears
Lesson 57-The last farewell
Lesson 58-The downfall of a Christian
Lesson 59-The finishing touches
Lesson 60-Lessons from a loser
Lesson 61-Bearing our cross
Lesson 62-Father's day in Heaven
Lesson 63-Making sense of a tragedy
Lesson 64-The Lord's replacement