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These lessons on the book of Proverbs focus on finding the right direction and making the right decisions.  This series contains 32 lessons and sells for $15.

Table of Contents

The Tears of Wisdom!
Choosing the Right Direction!
How to Keep from Changing! (Part 1)
How to Keep from Changing! (Part 1)
How to Keep from Becoming a Casualty!
Avoiding the Pit!
The Devil's Favorite Bait!
The Death of a Fool!
The Secret of a Changed Life!
The House That Wisdom Built!
Choices of a Lifetime!
God's Recipe for Character!
God's Wish List!
Seven Steps to Ruin
God's Building Blocks of Life
The Training of a Christian!
God Needs Our Help!
Conformed to His Image
How to Weather the Storm
Nine Ways to Please the Lord!
If I Could Start All Over!
How to Get Along with People
The Rise and Fall of a Man's Reputation
How to Keep from Borrowing Trouble!
Guard Duty for the Christian!
How to Be Blameless!
How to Live among Fools!
Verses of Victory!
God's Proving Ground!
How to Develop Character!
How to Rebound from Hitting Rock Bottom
Chasing the Wind!