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Questions and Answers from the Bible

These lessons answer some of the toughest questions of today from the Bible.  This series contains 24 lessons with 71 questions and answers and sells for $15.

Some of the questions in these lessons are:

How did Christ manage to "escape" from the angry crowds who sought to kill him?
Is it right to claim our giving (tithes and offerings) as a tax deduction, resulting in our getting it back?
Why is the "eternal security of the believer" not listed as a Baptist distinctive?
Is it wrong to be anointed with oil for the same illness?
What is the Bible's position on wearing clothing that pertains to members of the opposite sex?
How and when should children be introduced to fasting?
At what point should a Christian rebel against the laws of the land? (If another Hitler should come to power, how should Christians respond?)
Is there anything wrong with attending a movie theater if it is a "religious" movie, such as "The Passion"?
What is the importance or necessity of church membership?
Is it wrong for men to have facial hair (beards, mustaches, goatees, etc.)?
Is it wrong for a married woman to work outside the home?
Why is it wrong for teenagers to listen to rock music?
What is the difference between a person's soul and spirit?
Why did God forbid Samson from cutting his hair when the Bible states that long hair on a man is a shame?
Where does it mention in the Bible about Jesus coming into a person's heart?
What does it mean for a person to "rededicate" their life?
Can a married couple plan the size of their family or is doing so exhibiting a lack of faith in God?
Are there any Bible principles concerning flirting or seductive behavior?
What does the Bible mean in Proverbs 23:23 in relation to not selling the truth?
Where does the Bible distinguish between gossip and telling on sin?
What is the best way of handling or treating a person who has left the church?
Is it wrong to take a former spouse to court for child support?