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The Life of Christ Vol. 1


This helpful series teaches about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ! This volume contains 32 lessons and sells for $15.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1-God's greates mysters
Lesson 2-The family of God
Lesson 3-When God went shopping for parents
Lesson 4-God's pattern for perfection
Lesson 5-Keys to overcoming temptations
Lesson 6-Having what it takes
Lesson 7-The "do's and dont's" of a miracle
Lesson 8-When a battle is worth fighting
Lesson 9-How to deal with a lost person
Lesson 10-Reasons for retreating
Lesson 11-What it takes to win a person to Christ
Lesson 12-How to deal with rejection
Lesson 13-How to think like a winner
Lesson 14-The maturing of a Christian
Lesson 15-Choosing your battles wisely
Lesson 16-It's a wonderful life Part 1
Lesson 17-It's a wonderful life Part 2
Lesson 18-How to push ourselves spiritually
Lesson 19-Things that need to be restored
Lesson 20-Things worth guarding
Lesson 21-Two views of life
Lesson 22-How to deal with those who dislike you
Lesson 23-How to deal with never-ending conflict
Lesson 24-God's secret message to Christians Part 1
Lesson 25-God's secret message to Christians Part 2
Lesson 26-The downside of a miracle
Lesson 27-Seeing is believing
Lesson 28-Overcoming excuses
Lesson 29-How smart people can be so dumb
Lesson 30-How to endure the pain of living
Lesson 31-Dealing with the storms of life
Lesson 32-The Lord's purging