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The Local Church

This series focuses on the importance and purpose of the local church.  The Local Church contains 22 lessons from the book of Acts and sells for $15.

Table of Contents

The World's Greatest Weapon
Seeing the Invisible
A Church Is What You Make It (Part 1)
A Church Is What You Make It (Part 2)
The Greatest Place on Earth
A Church That Doesn't Make Sense
Greatness Depends Upon One's Perspective
The Maturing of the Church
God's Place of Decency and Order
God's Proving Ground
The House That Was Built for Others
God's Discovery Zone
God's Great Work
A Place of Strange Things
The Bride Isn't Ready Yet
God's Roller Coaster
A People on the Move
God's Cure for Backsliding
God's Place of Teamwork
What Makes the Difference?
The Independence of the Local Church
The Weakness of the Local Church